Minds Pay

Send and receive payments in USD, BTC, ETH and Tokens

Enable your supporters or friends to pay you in dollars or cryptocurrency. Get tips and monthly subscriptions for your content.

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Multi-currency support

Receive tips and subscription payments in USD, Bitcoin, Ether or Minds Tokens by linking your crypto addresses and bank account.

Manage your accounts and keep track of all of your transactions in your Minds Wallet.

Subscription Tiers

Set up different subscription tiers to offer your fans in exchange for recurring monthly payments in USD or Minds Tokens (BTC and ETH not yet supported).

Post content behind paywalls that is only accessible to the subscription tiers you select.

Start building your own revenue streams today!


Every post on Minds has a button to send a tip to the author in Minds Tokens, USD, Bitcoin and Ether. Tipping is a great way to show your support for your favorite channels and allow them to keep creating!